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Keeping medications cool

Updated: Aug 4, 2019

Article by Buddy and Mary Lucore

Whether you are traveling to Disney World with medications that need to be kept refrigerated, or just visiting a park or resort for a day with medication that must be kept cool when it’s 97 degrees outside, sometimes we need to find a way to manage our meds in the parks. This article aims to help you find a way to enjoy the magic and not let worry about medications control your vacation.

I am writing this article from the perspective of someone who uses insulin, but it can also apply to anyone whose medications need to be kept under a certain temperature on their vacation, or who has to carry medication with them during the day (perhaps to take it at set time) and don’t want to stay in the AC hotel all day.

In the parks

First Aid in all four parks has medicine fridges, and they will be happy to store medication for you.

My Disney Experience shows the exact location of First Aid in each park, under the Guest Services tab. They are in the same location at the Baby Care Centers, and are well sign-posted within the parks.

  • Magic Kingdom - on the left side of the Hub as you face Cinderella Castle, next to Crystal Palace;

  • Epcot - in the Odyssey Center, between Test Track and the Mexico pavilion;

  • Hollywood Studios - just inside the park on the left, next to Guest Services;

  • Animal Kingdom - on the left side of Discovery Island as you face the Tree of Life, next to Creature Comforts and just before the bridge into Africa.

First Aid is also a good alternative to the bathroom if you need to do injections.

Disney Hotels

All the Disney hotels have a medicine fridge in Bell Services. If you arrive before your room is ready, they will store your meds that need to be refrigerated. You should put them in a bag and include your name, cell phone number, and reservation number on the front.

All Walt Disney World Resort hotels have small refrigerators in the rooms.

Portable options

When we are driving, we bring a small cooler that plugs into the car’s cigarette lighter and keeps my insulin cool for the 18 hour drive.

Now that we are flying, we use an insulin cooling case with cool packs. The cooling case has an inner bag

that you soak, and then you put into the outer bag. As it evaporates, it cools what’s inside. I have found this a great way to have ready access to my medication in the parks too.

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